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Replace smoking with new, healthier habits

Heating tobacco to release flavors and nicotine without combustion While the idea of heating tobacco (instead of burning it) has been around for more than two decades, it’s only now that Philip Morris have managed to find a way to heat tobacco that results in a product that is satisfying to adult smokers. Through intensive research and development, Philip Morris have managed to create two breakthrough heated tobacco products, each of which heats the tobacco in a distinct way. One product uses an electronically controlled heater, and the other uses a carbon heat source. Tobacco Heating System – IQOS

At the heart of IQOS are sophisticated electronics that heat specially prepared and blended tobacco. IQOS heats the tobacco just enough to release a flavorful nicotine-containing vapor but without burning the tobacco.

Here’s the key point: the tobacco in a cigarette burns at temperatures in excess of 600°C, generating smoke that contains harmful chemicals. But IQOS heats tobacco to much lower temperatures, below 350°C, without combustion, fire, ash, or smoke. The lower temperature heating releases the true taste of heated tobacco. Because the tobacco is heated and not burned, the levels of harmful chemicals are significantly reduced compared to cigarette smoke.

What is there? A nicotine-containing vapor – not smoke – that makes IQOS a smoke-free product that is appealing to smokers.

The new iQOS 2.4 Plus Bluetooth 2017 Version is now available in Cyprus

- Bluetooth

- Heating blade is thicker - charger lock is more secure - charges 20% faster - vibrate notification (beginning & end)

iQOS 2.4 Plus Bluetooth 2017 Version & Heets Кипр : НИКОСИИ, Лимассол, Ларнака, Пафос, Айя-Напа, Протарас

IQOS Αξεσουάρ, Αναλώσιμα Ελλάδα, Κύπρο.

Starter Kit, IQOS HEETS, HeatSticks, cases, Θήκες.

IQOS & Heets Кипр : НИКОСИИ, Лимассол, Ларнака, Пафос, Айя-Напа, Протарас

In Cyprus you can buy all IQOS products (IQOS Starter Kit, IQOS HEETS, HeatSticks, IQOS Pocket Charger, IQOS Holder, IQOS Cases, IQS Cleaning sticks.) at IQOS Heated Tobacco Products PMI Philip Morris Cyprus (Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos, Famagusta) >>>

E-cigarettes around 95% less harmful than tobacco

An expert independent evidence review published today by Public Health England (PHE) concludes that e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful to health than tobacco and have the potential to help smokers quit smoking.

Key findings of the review include: the current best estimate is that e-cigarettes are around 95% less harmful than smoking nearly half the population (44.8%) don’t realise e-cigarettes are much less harmful than smoking there is no evidence so far that e-cigarettes are acting as a route into smoking for children or non-smokers The comprehensive review of the evidence finds that almost all of the 2.6 million adults using e-cigarettes in Great Britain are current or ex-smokers, most of whom are using the devices to help them quit smoking or to prevent them going back to cigarettes. It also provides reassurance that very few adults and young people who have never smoked are becoming regular e-cigarette users (less than 1% in each group).

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