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Halo Επίσημος, αποκλειστικός αντιπρόσωπος Χονδρική Πώληση

Halo USA E-liquids & E-cigarettes Wholesale

EW Wholesale Europe is a wholesale supplier of Halo USA. ​We offer a wide selection of wholesale and a vast wholesale supply, and provide all Halo USA E-liquids & E-cigarettes for re-sellers that will keep your customers happy and coming back for more. Best of all, any problems you have you can just pick up the phone and speak to our EU-based sales & support teams.

Ewsale.com is one of the largest stockists of Halo electronic cigarettes and e-liquids in  Europe. We currently supply in excess of 500 independently owned vape/e-cig stores as well as over 1,000 private clients. We offer a tiered wholesale discount scheme to support any sized e-vape business and our established distribution network sees goods being delivered to your door within days from ordering. 


We provide wholesale discounts on Halo E-liquids & E-cigarettes. If you have more interest in buying Halo USA E-liquids & E-cigarettes or any other product offered on this site at a wholesale price please contact us >>>.

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Halo was created in 2009 by three hard-working people committed to transforming an industry flooded with inferior products. Since day one, Halo's entire focus has been providing you with premium e-liquids made to the highest standards — from conception to research and development, to refinement, to production and packaging.You deserve nothing less.What Quality and Higher Standards Mean to You


Before it’s ever made available to you, a Halo e-liquid is:

  • Tested by an independent lab to ensure it’s free of unnecessary ingredients

  • Blended by trained chemists in a clean room at our state-of-the-art 110,000-square-foot production

  • Put through our proprietary steeping process to allow the ingredients to marry and reach peak flavor

  • Labeled with best-by dates and trackable lot numbers to ensure you get the finest product possible

  • Equipped with an industry-leading child-resistant cap


Attention to every detail is what has earned Halo widespread acclaim — and the reason why you should never consider any other e-liquid brand. Experience Halo quality for yourself today.

Halo-Purity was founded in 2009 on the belief system that providing a premium product in a flooded industry containing inferior eliquids was the best way to do business. Emphasising higher standards and quality, Halo-Purity has earned their reputation by taking home awards from Spinfuel Magazine.

E-juice flavors from Halo Purity

Belgian Cocoa e Liquid by Halo-Purity  - Belgian Cocoa e Liquid by Purity features the taste of Belgian Chocolate, in a 50/50 mix.

Black Calico e Liquid by Halo-Purity - Black Calico e Liquid by Purity features a blend of Tobacco and Vanilla.

Cafe Mocha eLiquid by Halo-Purity - Cafe Mocha from Purity eLiquids is a Cappuccino flavour, featuring hints of Hazelnut and Chocolate.

Cool Mist eLiquid by Purity - Cool Mist eLiquid by Purity features the taste of sweet Menthol.

Cordoba HALO E-Liquid 

Devlin eLiquid by Purity - Devlin eLiquid by Purity is a caramel-based flavour, with additional sweet and sugary notes.

Freedom Juice eLiquid by Purity - Freedom Juice eLiquid by Purity features the taste of Sweet Tobacco.

Kringles Curse eLiquid by Purity - Kringle's Curse eLiquid by Purity features a Peppermint flavour, in a 50/50 mix.

Longhorn eLiquid by Purity - Longhorn eLiquid by Purity features a blend of Corojo and Cavendish tobacco, creating a traditional Tobacco flavour.

Madagascar Sunrise eLiquid by Purity - Madagascar Sunrise by Purity features a blend of Grapes and Lychees.

Malibu eLiquid by Purity - Malibu eLiquid by Purity features a blend of Coconut and Pineapple, along with notes of Menthol.

Menthol Ice eLiquid by Purity - Menthol Ice eLiquid by Purity features the taste of Menthol.

Menthol V eLiquid by Purity - Menthol V eLiquid by Purity features a blend of Menthol, Peppermint, and Tobacco, along with notes of Eucalyptus to finish.

Midnight Apple eLiquid by Purity - Midnight Apple eLiquid by Purity contains a balanced blend of Tobacco notes and tart Green Apple.

Mystic eLiquid by Purity - Mystic eLiquid by Purity features the taste of Menthol, with notes of Spearmint.

Pirates Creed eLiquid by Purity - Pirates Creed eLiquid by Purity is a flavour blend inspired by traditional pipe tobaccos, and includes Virginia, Oriental and Latakia Spice Tobacco in its blend.

Prime15 eLiquid by Purity - Prime15 eLiquid by Purity features the taste of Sweet Tobacco.

Sub Zero eLiquid by Purity - Sub Zero eLiquid by Purity features the taste of Menthol.

Sugar Twist eLiquid by Purity - Sugar Twist by Purity features the flavour blend of a baked Doughnut.

Toasted Reserve eLiquid by Purity - Toasted Reserve by Purity features a blend of Peanut Butter flavours.

Torque56 eLiquid by Purity - Torque56 eLiquid by Purity features the taste of a strong Tobacco blend.

Tribeca eLiquid by Purity - Tribeca eLiquid by Purity features a blend of Tobacco, Vanilla, and Caramel.

Turkish Tobacco eLiquid by Purity - Turkish Tobacco eLiquid by Purity features a Tobacco blend with unique Turkish flavours.

Twisted Turnover eLiquid by Purity - Twisted Turnover by Purity features the flavour blend of Apple Strudel and Dessert Pastry.

Voodoo E-Liquid by Purity - Voodoo E-Liquid by Purity features a blend of fruit, dessert and tobacco notes, with a mixture of Vanilla, Cinnamon, Blackcurrant, Grape, and Plum.

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