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The World's Deadliest (Strongest) Coffees!

World's Strongest Coffees!

There’s a new trend when it comes to brewed coffee and that trend is to make the most caffeinated cup imaginable!

This was all made popular a few years ago by a brand called Death Wish Coffee, who began sourcing better-tasting highly caffeinated robusta coffee beans and using them in their dark roast coffee.

The coffee that most are accustomed to is made from arabica beans which typically have better flavor but a lower caffeine concentration. Today these highly caffeinated coffee brands are popping up everywhere and even competing for the title of “world’s strongest cup of coffee.”

Extremely Caffeinated Coffee Brands: Death Wish, Genghis, KNOCKOUT, RedTail, Extreme Caffeine, Black Insomnia, Biohazard, Killer Coffee, Banned Coffee, Shock Coffee, Bone’s Coffee High Voltage, Atomic Coffee, Bomb Coffee, Perk Up Coffee, Double Tap Coffee, Red Goat Coffee.


With all of these coffees, the most caffeine is found with the brewed coffee method. This is a method in which water stays in contact with the ground coffee for an extended period of time.

Drip/filter and even espresso methods won’t produce the highest caffeine amounts.

Are these Coffees Really Deadly?

Just about all of these brands will deliver more caffeine in one serving than is recommended as a daily safe dose. For the average adult, this is 400 mg.

These strong coffees usually appeals to those who have built up a high tolerance to caffeine (serious caffeine addicts) or those who have a naturally low sensitivity to the caffeine molecule. Anyone else who consumes these ultra-caffeinated coffees could experience overdose symptoms and even severe reactions if they exceed more than one serving.

Caffeine is a drug and there are serious consequences that result from consuming too much. People have sought help from emergency rooms after overdosing. We recommend that these products be used with moderation unless you are 100% certain that your body can tolerate the extreme amount of caffeine that they are delivering.

World's Strongest Coffees!

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