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Nexvap electronic cigarettes Diamond Line,

Nexvap electronic cigarettes Diamond Line,

90,00 €Τιμή

The Diamond Line of electronic cigarettes Nexvap is elegant, understated, and exclusive, the perfect companion of a frequent traveller, our range of two-liquid without nicotine will accompany you through an authentic tasting experience. You will discover new sensory experiences, thanks to a mouthpiece innovative and new technology "ceramic coil". The mouthpiece and the battery of the electronic cigarette are linked through a simple "click" magnetically, and are connected so as to provide a charge uninterrupted, thanks to the international adapter DualUSB, compatible in 150 countries. Included in the package, two atomizers ceramic coils. To always protect your electronic cigarette, the Diamond line gives you an elegant and protective case.


  • ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE LIMITED EDITION COLOR BLACK: 1 personal vaporizer limited edition, exclusive color with the new ceramic coil.
  • 2 E LIQUID FOR ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE WITHOUT NICOTINE: 2 e liquid, liquid for electronic cigarette without nicotine and tobacco flavored Tobacco blends and Mint&Lime.
  • ADAPTER AND USB CHARGER SKROSS:The USB adapter connects magnetically to the rechargeable battery to any charger or USB port. The adapter SKROSS, compatible in 150 countries, allows you to simultaneously charge the vaporizer and any other USB device. Design and swiss quality.
  • 2 ATOMIZERS/CERAMIC COIL: A technology of the latest generation. Guaranteed to last up to three times higher than traditional technologies, and the production of steam of higher quality
  • EXCLUSIVE PROTECTIVE COVER-BLACK: The vaporizer is always protected by a case sleek and light. It is the perfect complement for the vaporization in your travels.
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