Aspire Triton Βάση για επισκευάσιμη αντίσταση

Aspire Triton Βάση για επισκευάσιμη αντίσταση

20,00 € Κανονική τιμή
9,00 €Τιμή Έκπτωσης

Επισκευάσιμη κεφαλή Aspire Triton rta kit.


The Aspire Triton RTA/RBA kit allows Triton user to build and rebuild their own atomizer heads by building their own coil and wick system. The Triton RTA/RBA kit comes in a convenient carrying tin and includes everything you need from coils to wickpads. The Triton RTA/RBA kit also includes with a detailed step-by-step manual and an American Wire Gauge (AWG) chart that helps finding the perfect range. A must have if you own a Triton and love building coils!

Aspire Triton RTA/RBA Kit Features:

• 3-part Triton RTA/RBA coil
• Ready made coil for reference (can be vaped with)
• Graphic builder guide
• Wire and wattage reference information

The package contains:

1 × Upper, Middle, and Lower Hardware

1 × Grommet Insulator (Rubber)

1 × O-Rings & Screws

1 × Ready Made Coil

1 × Organic Japanese Cotton Wickpad

1 × Screwdriver