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Agate Pendant Grounding Stone Protection Necklace

Agate Pendant Grounding Stone Protection Necklace

50,00 € Κανονική τιμή
21,00 €Τιμή Έκπτωσης
  • We select the finest natural gem stone across the globe
  • Each piece of jewelry is exquisitely handcrafted and polished by our most skilled masters.
  • Together with the jewelry we present you delicate brocade box,exquisite brocade bag,spare string and crystal clean cloth. The packages of different colors are randomly assorted.
  • Certain stone treatment techniques are adopted to improve the looks


Agate - Agate is a microcrystalline variety of silica, chiefly chalcedony. No gemstone is more creatively striped by Nature than agate. Each individual agate is formed by filling a cavity in host rock. Agate was highly valued as a talisman or amulet in ancient times. It's among the earliest stones used for healing and bringing good luck. 

Metaphysical: Agates foster" love " truthfulness, courage, strength, wealth and good luck. Agate is the must have protection stone. By far It's the strongest stone that can protect us from stress, from bad dreams and believed to protect children from danger. It enables the wearer to distinguish between false friends and true ones. It brings prosperity and creates an appreciation of nature. 

The agate can't change emotions, but helps to change our level of acceptance of the emotion. For instance when you are in grief the agate will let you know that this will pass and help you get on to another brand new day. This is why the Agate is considered so powerful as it gives us the strength to carry on. When you have to make an important decision, there is no better stone for you to carry on than agate. 

Agates attract strength, drawing strong people to it and bringing our stronger self out. That way it can protect us. Agate also shields us from the stressful aspects of the world, and aids us from feeling drained. 

Healing Properties: Agate is believed to cure dizziness, headaches, as well as skin problems. It is essential that the stone'should be in contact with the skin near the organ that needs healing. Tired or inflamed eyes may also be alleviated by applying a disk of agate to them. Agate is believed to treat stomach upsets. Lay the agate on the solar plexus. Agate has also been used for countless decades to lessen discomfort experience during pregnancy. 

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