Across Vape Roulette RTA Ατμοποιητής Ηλεκτρονικού Τσιγάρου

Across Vape Roulette RTA Ατμοποιητής Ηλεκτρονικού Τσιγάρου

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Across Vape  Roulette RTA Ατμοποιητής Ηλεκτρονικού Τσιγάρου


Η καινοτομία του Roulette RTA έγκειται κυρίως στη διαχείριση της ροής του αέρα. Ο RTA Roulette είναι κατασκευασμένος από ανοξείδωτο ατσάλι 304, με διάμετρο 22 mm και τα μέρη του tank σε micro-blasted PC με χωρητικότητα 3.5 ml. Διαθέτει σχεδιασμό "single coil" τόσο στη βάση όσο και στην εισαγωγή αέρα. Η ροή του αέρα ρυθμίζεται μέσω τροχού στη βάση του ατμοποιητή, σημείο υπεροχής της Across Vape! Ο ατμοποιητής προορίζεται επίσης για τους λάτρεις του MTL αλλά και για αυτούς του DL mono coil.


Στη συσκευασία θα βρείτε:

  •     1 Roulette RTA
  •     1 x roulette for DL
  •     1 x roulette for MTL
  •     1 kit of seals and spare screws


  •     Τύπος: RTA
  •     Υλικό: 304 stainless steel, PC and PEEK
  •     Διαστάσεις: Ø 22mm x 37mm
  •     Βάρος: 80.6g
  •     Χάραξη της μάρκας, του μοντέλου και του σειριακού αριθμού.


The Roulette RTA is a rebuildable  atomizer manufactured by Across Vape.
Across Vape has acquired a very good reputation as a manufacturer of accessories for high end, both in terms of the quality of machining, the materials used and the excellent value for money it offers.


The innovation of Roulette RTA lies mainly in the management of its air flow, which allows it to obtain an excellent restitution offlavors.

The RTA Roulette is made of stainless steel 304, with a diameter of 22mm and the tank part is in micro-blasted PC, with a capacity of 3.5ml.

It receives a satin surface treatment for the Gunmetal version and the SS version is micro-blasted.

The design of the mounting plate as well as that of the air intake are provided  for "single coil" type.

The air flow is adjusted via the wheel on the base of the atomizer and this is where Across Vape is strong! Its atomizer is as well intended for  the MTL lovers but also for those of the DL mono coil.

The Roulette RTA is delivered with 2 wheels  for air flow adjustment.

One for the MTL with three adjustment possibilities, A: 1 x 0.8mm, B: 2 x0.9mm, C: 3x 0.9mm.

One for the DL with two possibilities, A: a slot of 1.8mm x 3.0mm, B: 4 holes of 1mm.

It also benefits from a liquid flow control, which is adjusted via the base of the drip tip.

Drip tip 510 in micro-blasted PC with Ø3.5mm.

The filling is done from the top, unscrewing the top cap.

510 connection with stainless steel pin and PEEK insulators.

Across Vape wanted a versatile and polyvalent atomizer, the bet is won by far!!!

Contents of the box:

  • 1 Roulette RTA
  • 1 x roulette for DL
  • 1 x roulette for MTL
  • 1 kit of seals and spare screws


  • Manufacturer: Across Vape
  • Type: RTA
  • Materials: 304 stainless steel, PC and PEEK
  • Dimensions: Ø 22mm x 37mm 
  • Weight: 80.6g
  • Engraving of the brand, model and serial number.

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