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MARILYN by Vape Craft Bombshell 60 ml - Υγρά αναπλήρωσης

MARILYN by Vape Craft Bombshell 60 ml - Υγρά αναπλήρωσης

60,00 € Κανονική τιμή
30,00 €Τιμή Έκπτωσης

Άλλη μια premium σειρά υγρών αναπλήρωσης μας έρχεται από τις Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες Αμερικής και μας προσφέρει 5 γεύσεις στο μενού της.


MARILYN Vape Craft Bombshell - Marshmallow Fluff και αγαπημένη φράουλα μαζί, σε ένα ακαταμάχητο συνδυασμό! Σοφιστικε γέυση, και υπέροχο πάντρεμα αγαπημένης φράουλας με κρεμώδη υφή. Χρησιμοποιώντας μόνο τα καλύτερα συστατικά που διατίθενται, στις φρουτένιες γευσεις απογειώνει την αισθηση της γέυσης.


Audrey Vape Craft Bombshell - φρεσκοψημένο κέικ λεμόνι από το ζαχαροπλαστείο στον ατμοποιητή σας! Πλούσια κρέμα με ξύσμα λεμόνι που πασπαλίστηκε με ζάχαρη. Σας προσκαλούμε να το δοκιμάσετε! Απολαυστική τάρτα πορτοκάλι! Γεύση που δεν περιγράφεται!


Sophia Vape Craft Bombshell - μια μοναδική μίξη βατόμουρο και λεμονάδας. Βατόμουρακολυμπάνε σε παγωμένη λεμονάδα δίνοντας την απόλυτη δροσιστική γεύση.


Lucielle Vape Craft Bombshell - Εξαιρετική συνταγή  με ανανά και καρύδα. Μια παγωμένη Pina Colada με ευχάριστη απαλή γεύση, με την μαγευτικά αισθησιακή γεύση της καρύδας και την αρωματική πινελιά του αγαπημένου μας ανανά!!! Ένας συνδυασμός που ξυπνάει τις αισθήσεις και μας απογειώνει!


Elizabeth Vape Craft Bombshell - Ένα εξαιρετικό υγρό για τους εραστές του cinnamon roll cake. ένα απολαυστικό απαλό γκουρμέ υγρό αναπλήρωσης με μια γλυκιά επίγευση κανέλας.


Bombshell is comprised of 5 different juices that are a sure fire way to impress those around you with the sophistication of the design, the glamour of the iconic women on the bottles and last but not least the impeccable taste and blends of these juices releasing the sweetest aromas with each rip of your vape. With every flavor you will be whisked away to a paradise of superior flavors. Welcome to your new all day vapes.


Audrey Vape Craft Bombshell - Bold Lemon Bar Kissed With Sweet Powdered Sugar - 70/30 VG/PG
Audrey has become a true favorite among the Bombshell line. Requested by reviewers all over the world, she has become the most popular flavor in this line of premium eliquid.Audrey is a mouth watering blend of a freshly baked lemon bar with just a pinch of powdered sugar sprinkled on top of each individual square. Combining high quality flavoring, the best nicotine in the industry, kosher grade VG/PG, and stylish designs on the bottle you will never get a vaping experience like Audrey outside of the Bombshell eliquid line. Taste and see why Bombshell is the best new eliquid line on the market


MARILYN Vape Craft Bombshell - Seductive Strawberry Marshmallow Fluff
70/30 VG/PG
Marilyn is the perfect balance of a fresh strawberry and the sweetness of marshmallow fluff that so many of us love. If you are in search of true quality or just new to our site this is one vape that is not to pass up. Marilyn has been highly rated with the top vaping reviewers and is now being sold all over the globe. See why this flavor is so popular and get yours today! 


Sophia Vape Craft Bombshell - Sassy Raspberry Lemonade Italian Ice
Juice Blend: 70/30 VG/PG
Coming from the Bombshell eliquid line comes Sophia which is a refreshing raspberry lemonade Italian ice. The bottle is stylishly designed with the portrait of Sophia along with elegant designs around the border. With each vape of this eliquid you get the raspberry lemonade immediately on the inhale which is absolutely perfect in the quality and aroma of the flavor. Followed shortly by the italian ice part. This is not to be confused with a normal menthol flavor. Although it does have a cooling effect, Sophia is completely unique. This vape juice is absolutely packed with flavors from start to finish and is great for anyone who wants a summertime vape or just something with a little more flavor than usual. 


Lucielle Vape Craft Bombshell - An Iconic Blend Of Spunky Pineapple & Creamy Coconut - 70/30 VG/PG
The bombshell line has something for everyone and a great deal of people love pineapple and coconut. The pineapple in this vape compliments the coconut beautifully. While not like most coconuts ours is not a candyish flavor but more to add the creaminess to this ejuice. The inhale is predominantly pineapple with the creaminess of the coconut quickly completing the flavor profile. This is a solid vape for anyone wanting something tropical and easily is an all day vape. 


Elizabeth Vape Craft Bombshell - A Decadent Cream Cheese Frosted Cinnamon Treat - 70/30 VG/PG
Bakery lovers, you're welcome. Vape Craft has created some amazing bakery and desserts over the years, and we can confidently say that Elizabeth is up there right at the top. When vaping this flavor only one thing comes to mind: the best cinnamon roll you have ever tasted coming straight out of the oven from a bakery. Reviewers have said it tastes exactly like a Cinnabon and only gets better with age (even though it comes pre-steeped) With most cinnamon vapes they easily overpower the whole profile. however we managed to seamlessly mix these flavors to please even the most critical vape critic with the balance of creaminess and cinnamon. Get yours today and fall in love with Elizabeth, just like so many others have

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